Two Years After, Winter Solstice, 2014

Was there much ado about nothing?

Were the pundits or the Maya wrong or right? 

Is the evolution of consciousness movement being drowned out by the mainstream?

Two years ago exactly, thousands of people around the planet gathered to welcome a new era. At sacred sites and ceremonial fires, home altars and even around kitchen tables, there were discussions about what changes the Maya predicted for humanity. I like to think that the masses were, for the first time, being introduced to the somewhat heady concept of cyclical time. This idea, let alone the Mayan calendar system, is a big leap for many. But the need for hope and meaning enabled the seeds to be planted. Not surprisingly the mainstream discussion unraveled and judgements ensued. To them the Maya had to be either right or wrong.

The jubulence of 12/21/12 was based on what the Elders had been teaching us for years:  that the 5200 year cycle of massive oppression and male dominance was giving way to a new era humanity. Forces of the Universe are coming into place which assist us to live in greater harmony. The support is there but it is not automatic. We humans still have much work and many choices to make in order for this reality to manifest.

We see remants of old consciousness all the time, in ourselves and others. We can realize and accept that older forms may never go completely away. Take families, for example. (No. Let's not suggest that. It's way too intimate!) Let's try this. We still have amobeas, don't we? What was once our only life form no longer dominates but becomes a part of the glorious web of life. Things change. We change.

Though we may have thought we were done with our personal work, for the past two years many of us have been digging in to the ooziest depths of darkness ever imagined.  The ancestral wounds seem bottomless when we're in there working through them. As we become aware of our own issues, those of the collective are healed as well. The layers of the onion, as they say, just keep peeling off.

By now we realize that polarity between different people and ideas is necessary for any of us to shift to a greater understanding. I'm so inspired with people everywhere not giving up the fight, they're re-kindling it. Without friction there would be complete inertia. There is purpose in intense disagreement. Our work includes learning how to see things from angles other than our own. Get out of your box! The negativity in our own minds serves to take us so low that there is no way other than up. The key is learning how to recognize it for what it is: a barrier to reaching our highest expression. That one full of love. 

As with Winter Solstice, the dark fuels our light. 

How long will this shift take? If you've ever watched an eclipse in it's entirety you'll have witnessed how gradual celestial time is. This is, for me, the metaphor for the pace of evolution, the pace of peace. It takes time for substantive changes. All the details need working through. It takes tons of acceptance, forgivness, patience and trust. This is what we must muster.

If we truly do "make our own movie" in life we may see that positive changes fall into place every day. You have to know where to look and when you do, the progress is astounding. First, look within, daily. Use your filters, wisely. 

'Nuff said. Have wonderful holidays and hope to see you smiling in the next great new year.