The Virtual Sacred Fire Concordance 2013 Schedule

We have been collaborating with Common Passion to aid the flow of energies as the "Shift of the Ages" film is launched.  We gather in a live tele-webcast format to do an invocation for the day's Nawal, just as the Mayan Daykeeper's have done for millenia.

Participate with us LIVE on your telephone or listen later on the web.


TIME: 6 AM Pacific (San Francisco, CA), 9 AM Eastern, 2 PM GMT

DURATION: 60 minutes

NUMBER TO CALL: +1 (724) 444-7444 CALL ID: 36237 #, then 1#
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Go to Type in 36237 into the GO search box and
 hit GO, that will take you to the Common Passion page, and look for the "Now Playing"
episode if live, or "Past Episodes" if after the live event.


January 3, 4/Reed (Aj)
This is a "4" day which means it is very stable and orderly, good for making compromises for the sake of unity. 
The Reed is symbolic of the mats woven from the reeds that grow along the water's edge of lakes, rivers and streams. These mats (patates - in Spanish)) are ubiquitous in Guatemala and used for seating, sleeping, kneeling in prayer in front of the sacred fire. The weave of these mats makes them as strong and durable as the families and communities. This energy is unity and guides us towards domestic and community harmony. It is a wonderful day to reconcile differences, fueled especially and specifically by the sacred fire, which is called Aj by the Kiche Maya.
January 10, 11/Sun (Ajpu) The frequency of the number "11" is resolution. It is forceful, seeking and valuing truth and clarity, at almost all costs. It propels growth and has been known to cause friction in the process.
The Sun directs with focus and authority. This is the archetype of the Hunter, the sacred warrior, who bravely leads others towards towards the highest good. Challenges abound, but the light of the Sun is known for overcoming negativity.  This is the day to solar power our intentions and ask for health and protection, especially for our children.
January 17, 5/Deer (Kej) A "5" day is an empowering day, allowing us too get away from our own ego in order to step into personal power.
The Deer is venerated by the Maya as the king of the forest whose purpose it is to serve. As a four-legged animal, the Deer as stable as the four directions, intelligent and committed, while agile and swift as needed. The deer was used by the ancient Maya as a work horse. Much of what the Maya created would not have been built without their dutiful service.
January 24, 12/Jaguar (IxThe 2nd to the last number of the 13 in the Mayan sacred calendar, the number "12" carries the frequency of understanding, accumulation of previous learnings and experience. This requires reflection, introspection and appreciation for all the gifts of life, even those disguised by pain and suffering.
The Jaguar is the magician and possesses the power to work with the forces of nature to create, heal, strategize and influence others. This is a strong, feminine energy, intuitive, stealth and nocturnal. We can use Jaguar energy to ask for forgiveness to our dear Mother earth, for all of our selfishness and ignorance and to seal our promise to do all we can to bring ourselves, and, thus, Her, back to balance. Jaguar brings us into the forest, where we, along with the olant kingdom, may be wrapped tightly in green  
February 11, 4/Road (EeA "4" day is always a solid, embodied energy for ceremony, intention-setting and for feeling a sense of being grounded.
The Road is the sacred pathway we follow to our destiny, our highest calling. Though the path may be secret, already taken crooked or confusing, Road energy shows us the way and shines light on our shoes that take us safely back home. This is a powerful day to ask for protection for the growing demand as well as physical and mental well-being.

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See you in the ethers. Have a quiet meditative space with candle(s) to light.