Using Your Cross

What is the Mayan Cross?

The Mayan Cross reveals the blend of energies which radiate from you at all levels: body, mind and soul. As your auric field becomes more visible, your awareness  automatically attunes you to subtler aspects of being, to your soul awareness and purpose in this lifetime. These are the ingredients for living a magical and soul-directed life. Your deepened awareness also provides a powerful contribution to oneness consciousness.

What is the Mayan Cross Based On?

We know now that the Mayan sacred calendar is based on sacred geometry, the Golden Ratio, Phi Φ which is found throughout anature and in the universe. Our experience shows that just by being exposed to the Cross, which is essentially a vibration; something deeper is awakened within us, our soul. Once we begin to operate from this level of understanding, we may find fulfillment, a sense of direction and completeness that may otherwise be obscured.

Does the Mayan Cross Tell Me About My Future?

The Mayan Cross reveals what energies we have to work with in order to reach the highest expression of ourselves and our destiny. It is a tool that helps us stay present to life's mystery and wonder. Free will determines whether or not we achieve our fullest potential. The Maya use a different method, one also based on the number 260, for the purpose of divination.

How is the Mayan Cross Used?

The Mayan Cross is used as a compass for navigating through life. It tells you about your karma and your dharma. Its wisdom is inherent in the Mayan sacred calendar which was discerned thousands of years ago.  The Maya believe that the wisdom of the calendars was taught by their original prophets from Pleiades.

1. Notice Your Initial Response to the Mayan Cross

When first introduced to the Mayan Cross, people report an immediate and uncanny resonance to it's intelligence. As often as not, people experience one of those a spine-tingling, synapse connecting, "ah hah" moments - rare occurrences of truly "knowing" in a lifetime.  Most of those who delve into the meaning of their Cross tell me that they experience a more profound sense of what it means to be “me”. This is because the Mayan Cross works at the most profound level of being, the soul level.

If your first review of the Mayan Cross does not resonate with you, then look at birth dates of other's that you know well. If you find no "truth" in this, just put it aside and move on. You may wish to return to it from time to time to see if anything in you has shifted since the last review of your Cross. The very nature of these energies means that it is only a matter of time before your vibration matches those of your Mayan Cross.  

2. Deepen Your Understanding of the Mayan Cross

Since most Maya have never read one word about the nawals (this wisdom has been passed on orally for thousands of years), in keeping with the tradition, we find that the best way to work with the Cross is experientially, using the right brain attributes of intuition, introspection and creative stimulation.

  • Embody
  • Observe
  • Sit with it, meditate, contemplate your energies
  • Journal, draw, sketch and color your Day Signs
  • Ask the nawals to show themselves to you, Ask them for a sign
  • Just notice and breathe             

Remember that there are no coincidences, so when something/someone resonates with you, pay attention! Realize that the nawal (spiritual guide) is transmitting a message to you. The nawals empower their "natives" with these transmissions. They give you the power you need to live a soul directed life. 

The Maya pray to each energy/nawal, using eloquent language to honor their essence, describe their situation, ask for assistance and pray for their well-being. Over time you may develop your relationship with the nawals to the point where you will too.

3. Calculate Other Mayan Crosses

Our system makes it easy to calculate the energies inherent in your “inner circle” of loved ones. Becoming aware of the Mayan Cross for people you know well is a wonderful way to determine your sense of it's accuracy, how to put it to practical use and its overall merit.

4. Become a Daykeeper

Use this or other websites or calendars such as the Daily Guide to keep track of the energy of each day. See how each day effects you over time. Using the Mayan sacred calendar is known to:

  • help one stay present in the moment
  • accept events as synchronistic and purposeful (rather than random)
  • help connect to the magic that the Nawales bring to consciousness

5. Observe the Long Term Benefits 

The intelligence embedded in the Mayan Cross works in many ways. For example:

Clarity                You may find such clarity that a big decision such as quitting a job or beginning something else, becomes entirely obvious.  One woman told me that a few days after receiving her Mayan Cross she asked her boss to lay her off from a job she had grown to despise over the last several years.

 Acceptance      You may find a heightened ability to accept negative or challenging traits in a partner or family member simply because you now understand them, and yourself, at the soul level.

Struggle-free Growth         Many report that this knowledge allows them to be “in the flow" of life more often. There may be fewer struggles and a more open attitude to enjoying whatever happens. This is because you have surrendered to the divine wisdom inherent in the Mayan Cross and the Mayan calendars.



Special Note: Some would say that when today's day is their Mayan Birth Day, they feel an extra assist from the universe, like the wind at their back. Just notice what happens for you on these days.