The Understated Gift of the 2012 Phenomena - New Dawn magazine article

It's 2.Aj (Reed) day, which carries the energy of heart, home, hearth, altar and community. This is a good day to reflect, ground and give thanks for all that keeps us steady and connected.


The Understated Gift of the 2012 Phenomena: the Mayan Sacred Calendar


            The 2012 - Mayan Calendar rhythm has been steadily building for decades, now rippling throughout the world. Both have become household words. The fear of 2012 as a catastrophic event has subsided. The discussion has shifted to creative problem solving that addresses urgent issues piqued by the phenomena known as 2012 consciousness.  Today, thousands, perhaps millions, are being propelled towards positive action. People are digging deeper within spiritually, acting locally and witnessing how the Universe is aiding their manifestations, both energetically and materially.

The heart of this work comes from the realization that our personal thought-forms are connected with the energy and matter surrounding us. We are becoming accountable for what we have created and understand the criticality of decontaminating our minds because this influences everything, the whole. Nowadays, all wisdom traditions have wait lists for classes, practices, ceremonies  and other opportunities to cultivate our innate abilities. Whether the methods used are ancient, new-age, high-tech or hybrids; whether the venues are dirt floor huts or posh resorts; sacred spaces created in the home or in nature, this work is being done, with fervor. This trend is burgeoning in response to the beat of 2012.

My sense is that critical mass of this higher consciousness is close to being reached, if not already, making it increasingly easy for everyone to realize their soul, their true, pure nature and it’s inherent power.  The secret that was once privy only to the chosen few, is now embedded in the common person’s notion of self. Obviously, we are not where we need to be just yet. Millions continue to starve and despair, but the critical mass is turning to them with open hearts, minds and resources. Lives that are soul-directed are able to trust that the Universe will provide, not just selfishly, but for all.

December 21, 2012, already promises to be an unprecedented celebration of the human spirit, but shouldn’t every day be so embraced?  Another Mayan tool, the 260-day sacred calendar, is used exactly for this purpose and deserves utmost attention.   Known as the Tzolkin  to the lowland Maya and the  Chol’qij  in the highlands,  this calendar reveals the unique beat of each day. It is the metronome which helps us attune to divine creation. The Maya codified these vibrations in the sacred calendar and know how they flow through the body, using it for healing; influence our minds, using it for decision making; and touch our spirit, using it for optimizing prayers to the deities. The Maya use this calendar like a manual, marrying the spiritual realm into practicality.

Knowing the energy inherent in a Mayan day assists in being present and making sound decisions.  Each choice, therefore, becomes more conscious, influenced by universal forces.  My prophecy is that by December 22, 2012, it is the sacred calendar, rather than the Long Count, that may be considered the most relevant gift from the ancient Maya. The contemporary Maya whom cared for this wisdom over the millennia have been gracious in guiding our understanding of it. The Maya deserve many thanks and much credibility for knowing its significance in the modern world.