2012 - The Year of Integrity

It's a 4.Iq / Wind day

...and a perfect day to communicate widely.

We're off and running into 2012, the Year of Integrity. Have you noticed? 

Hold on to your hats but do not, under any circumstances hold your breath! If anything, be more conscious of your breath in every moment. This small (though challenging) act will help you stay present, grounded and out of trouble as out-dated values, institutions and the people that adhere to them continue to be reworked into sustainability.

Already, 2012 is becoming known as the Year of Integrity, meaning that the remnants of what is lacking in integrity will be brought forward for clearance. Personally, we will be continually asked, pushed and propelled to step more deeply into our true selves. Don't fight it. Choose it. Our Soul's Purpose and inner lights will shine more brightly in the world as a result of the Universe's insistence to evolve consciousness.

Delicately, yet effectively, we are dealing with conflicting values, beliefs and styles within our inner-most circles. To be in full integrity, it is, of course, impossible to stay mute; yet finding the right time, place and tone to affect a shift with a loved one takes a degree of finesse rarely found, let alone practiced.

A friend of mine, another Flint, said the other day that as long as the words come from the heart, never from anger or upset, all will be taken as intended. So let us prepare our intent and parse our words with utmost care. So much is at stake here. Let's not blow it. We will need all the help we can get to deal with such fragility. Ask your Nawales to guide you. Stay tuned to the energies of the day, work with your Mayan Cross, and theirs, to assist in this refinement and growth.

Always love,