Every 1 Day of Every Trecena, through 2013


Duration: 1 hour

Cost: Donation-based with all proceeds going to projects/causes which benefit the Maya of Guatemala

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The intention of this program is to create a platform for dialogue about our perceptions of the energies of the Mayan sacred calendar and the Mayan Cross. Using a variety of formats including guest speakers, panel discussions, testimonials, etc.  we will explore how best to work with the Mayan sacred calendar in a modern context. NOTE: These are not intended to instruct the basics of the Mayan sacred calendar.All 20 Day Signs through 2013 on the following schedule:

March 19, Tuesday - 1.Seed (Q'anil) July 27, Saturday - 1.Flint (Tijax)
April 1, Monday - 1.Crocodile (Imox) August 9, Friday - 1.Monkey (B'atz) 
April 14, Sunday - 1.Jaguar (Ix) August 22, Thursday - 1.Net (K'at)
April 27, Saturday - 1.Deer (Kej)  September 4, Wed. - 1.Knowledge (Noj)
May 10, Friday - 1.Sun (Ajpu) September 17, Tuesday - 1.Dog (T'zi)
May 23, Thursday - 1.Reed (Aj)  September 30, Monday - 1.Dawn (Aqabal)
June 5, Wednesday - 1.Transformer (Kame) October 13, Sunday - 1.Wisdom (Aj maq)
June 18, Tuesday - 1.Rainstorrm (Kawoq) October 26, Saturday - 1.Offering (T'oj)
July 1, Monday - 1.Road (E) November 8, Friday - 1.Wind (Iq)
July 14, Sunday - 1.Serpent (Kan)  November 21, Thurs - 1.Bird (Tz'kin)


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