Shift of the Ages Film Launch with Virtual (Free & Global) Fire Ceremonies


Global, free, virtual fire ceremonies (aka concordances)
to launch the Shift of the Ages Film
Nov. 15 - Feb. 21
spanning 3 Mayan New Year's (3 different calendar cycles)

Our friend Joseph Giove, Founder of Common Passion writes:
"Many people are jumping on the "2012 bandwagon" without even knowing what the significance is to the Maya!

This is about to change through the many brave, enlightened souls who have helped spread the authentic message of the Maya, and Common Passion's Shift of the Ages Global Concordance Program.


Over the next 90 days, you are invited to join our global community in a series of globally synchronized events based on key dates of the Mayan Sacred Calendar - the /Chol'qiTzolkin - where we will collectively honor the Maya and their prophecies that they have held for centuries and are now revealing to the world.


These are not apocalyptic messages; they are self- and community-empowering, life-giving, unifying and "green" messages specifically targeted to us and our times. And they extend 50 to 75 years into the future, far beyond December 21st 2012.


Truly, we have an opportunity to honor the Maya, fulfill the true Mayan prophecies, AND give our children and grandchildren a humanity and Mother Earth that demonstrates our respect for her and for Life.




Please join us for our first Global Tele-Webcast. Here is our 90-day agenda, which launches this  Thursday November 15th


Please note: The Tele-Webcast is free but long distance charges may apply. However, at no charge you may access the program via the internet at web link below, either live or after the call.      

DATE:Thursday November 15, 2012

TIME: 6 AM Pacific (San Francisco, CA), 9 AM Eastern, 2 pm GMT
DURATION: 60 minutes
NUMBER TO CALL: +1 (724) 444-7444
CALL ID: 36237 #, then 1# 

GLOBAL WEB ACCESS and "PAST EPISODES" LINK: Listen and chat from anywhere in the world or LISTEN TO THE RECORDING HERE AFTER THE CALL:  




Thursday, November 15, 7.NET (K'at-Kiche, Kan-Yucatecan) Sacred Life/Abundance   

We will discuss how the Maya count the days and access the energies of the sacred calendar. 

We will invoke this day's energy and work with it to create our network of conscious people who know no borders. We can visualize the NET as the web of light and love that we create around the globe with our hearts, minds and sacred candles/fires. Have your candle(s) ready to ignite. Our intention is the same as the Mayan prophecy that:

No one will be left behind as we gather around our fires (virtual and physical) ceremoniously to further embody our one human family.


Wednesday, November 28, 7.Earth/Knowledge (N'oj-Kiche, Caban-Yucatecan)

This is a powerful energy that connects us to the deepest knowledge belonging to our dear Mother Earth. If humanity knew what She knows, we could all live in harmony and the number 7 energy entices us to deep reflection. Since so much of what we need to do now that we have awakened relies on this knowledge, it is important to understand and reflect upon it. We will work with this energy to sense this knowledge, the messages we can receive from the earth, stones, gases, waters, plant and animal kingdom. Have your crystals, candles and sacred bundles ready.


Monday, December 3, 12.Wind (Iq-Kiche, Ik-Yucatecan)

This is life force, also known as prana, chi, as well as the four winds that blow, carrying messages far and wide. With the Wind and the number 12 (understanding) at our backs we can work with the force of this Day Lord to communicate our collective intentions. Wind energy spreads communications, including telepathic, around the Earth.      


Wednesday December 12, 8.Monkey, (B'atz-Kiche, Chuen-Yucatecan)

This day marks the New Year of the Sacred Calendar. 8 is the most stable number of the 13 numbers, and a perfect day for ceremony. The MONKEY is known as the weaver of time and is in charge of the future. The MONKEY energy is auspicious for beginning new projects, especially creative ones.


(PLEASE NOTE: Thursday December 13, 9. Road/Path (E-Kiche, Eb-Yucatecan) Wandering Wolf will share a fire ceremony on this day in Southern California (details to come); others will simultaneously hold (fire) ceremonies around the globe. The number 9 is very feminine energy attuning all of our spiritual paths.


Sunday December 16, 12.Eagle (Tz'kin-Kiche, Men-Yucatecan) A good day to ask for good fortune and abundance in business and in love.  Wandering Wolf will hold a fire ceremony on this day as well, shared simultaneously around the world. This is the most likely day that the Shift of the Ages film will be released to the public.)


Saturday December 22, 5.Crocodile (Imox-Kiche, Imix-Yucatecan)

With the world not ending, we have the opportunity to carry on the tradition of counting the days. We will work with this energy,  the number 5 empowering our actions and the Day Lord Crocodile, that engenders the ability to live in two worlds simultaneously. Those who are experiencing their shift can truly give testimony to how awkward yet how delightful this sensibility can be. Not really a prophecy, but a reality: It takes courage, perseverance and compassion to be willing to shift and still live amongst those who have not.


Thursday December 27, 10.Transformer (Kame-Kiche, Cimi-Yucatecan)  

Death is the ultimate transformation. If you have never connected with the ancestors before, this is the day to do it. The number 10 helps in your effort to manifest a relationship with the "grandparents" giving you the experience of  listening to ancient voices, referred to by Don Alejandro as the "invisible beings".


2013 dates and details coming soon on the Common Passion web site (January 3, 10, 17, 24 and February 11)




Wandering Wolf tells us that everything has its time...  


There is a time to heal each other and the earth.

There is a time for spiritual recovery.

There is a time to recover authority over destiny.

There is a time when a new world will be born of our dreams.  


He also tells us that this time is now.


Please join us for the launch of our Common Passion's Shift of the Ages Global Concordance Program 2012-2013.


All our best,

Joseph R Giove, and the Common Passion Core Team



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Please RSVP, like and share these calls with your friends. This is an amazing time we live in!