Vertical Axis Glossary Definition

The Vertical Axis of the Mayan Cross shows the energies which influence the trajectory of one's life, from conception to destiny. Physically these are seen as the spine of the physical body with head (conception) at the top, heart in the center, feet (destiny) at the bottom. Left and right arms face outwards, so left is on the right side of the page and right is on the left side of the page.

Following the "as above, so below" principle, this Vertical Axis is the microcosm of the Earth's axis or the trunk of the Tree of Life. The human spine is the vibratory root which connects the physical body to heaven and earth, the heart as the center-most energy. Energy pulses through this channel, known as kundalini shakti by the yogis and blood lightening by the Maya. 

These three energies are a significant part of who you are at the soul level. The foremost energy presents on the day you were born, your Mayan birthday, Day Sign or Heart Sign. The other two energies, conception and destiny have a noticeable effect during their respective stages in life yet are accessible to you throughout life. All of these energies influence your life and may help in your discovery of your soul’s purpose. As Nawales, they care for you and are on-call to protect you throughout life.

Mayan life stages are 13 years in duration and this is how the three energies of the Vertical Axis may influence you:

Conception (head, or top position on the cross):

Ages 1-13 from conception to puberty ~~~~ tune in with your conception energy to see how it influenced you as a youngster

Heart Sign (middle position on the cross):

Ages 14-26 into young adult hood, marriage and family ~~~~  notice how the energy of your Heart Sign affects you     

Ages 27-39 the most materially productive years ~~~~ notice the dynamic of your Heart Sign energy interacting with your other energies

Ages 40-52 segueing to the sunset years ~~~~ envision how this energy may be used to fulfill your destiny

Destiny (feet, or bottom position on the cross):

Age 52+ becoming an Elder ~~~~ envision how this energy may be used to create your legacy

Because life expectancy does not last much beyond 52 years, the Maya do not differentiate stages after this point.

In terms of life stages, 20 is also a Mayan sacred number. When a young person completes various rites of passage, s/he is known as a “twenty.” Their initiation includes experiences that bring them close to death, with the understanding that once one has a taste of death, one can live completely.

Also influencing the Vertical Axis are the four elements, fire, land, air and water and the four directions. These are cosmic forces that bring you the gifts you were meant to carry in this lifetime. Notice that all three energies on the Vertical Axis are the same color/direction. Each direction has an influence, a quality that also dtermines a person's compatibility with other Day Signs.