Horizontal Axis Glossary Definition

The Horizontal Axis of the Mayan Cross reveals what aspects need to be balanced throughout a lifetime in order for an individual to realize the highest expression of their destiny. The combination of the numeral and the glyph for each left and right side expresses the person's gifts (on the right) and challenges (on the left). 

The Classic Maya were known to have cultural and symbolic differences between the left and right sides that we see on the Horizontal Axis. The left side was thought to be the weaker of the two, subordinate to the right. The right side is symbolized as pure, powerful and superordinate to the left.

We can look at this energetically and consider how many other traditions portray the right/left duality, i.e., yin/yang, ida/pingala energies.

  • LEFT  is weaker materially but stronger spiritually, characterized as feminine, nourishing, intuitive, creative, introspective and in the realm of the right brain  
  • RIGHT  is stronger materially but weaker spiritually, characterized as masculine, forceful, willful, aggressive, analytical, outwardly manifesting realm of the left brain

The key to understanding the Horizontal Axis is to read about and meditate upon the information provided about each glyph and numeral. See how they may relate to you, your strengths and weaknesses. You may not have have an immediate revalation but could have epiphanies weeks or months after you learn about these parts of yourself.

Notice also that the color of both left and right arm energies is the same, which means that they are influenced by the same direction of the four directions. Each color/direction has an influence, a certain quality, and also determines a person's compatibility with other Day Signs.

In working with these energies, look for imbalances among the two energies, then ask the Nawales for assistance in bringing both sides into equilibrium and an optimal state.