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Mayan Cross YOUTUBE Channel

2013's Mayan Cross Community Calls for each Mayan Day Sign - MEDITATIONS, INTERVIEWS, DISCUSSIONS

2013's  Mayan Wayeb Healing Process


"Shedding Light on the Mayan Path"

Presentation for the Theosophical Society, November, 2012


¡Yoga Para Todos!

published by Elephant Journal May, 2012



"The Coming of the Sixth Sun: Mayan Views of a New Cycle"

published by Quest magazine, Q1, 2010

reprinted by New Dawn magazine, Q3, 2010


6 part Interview on The Mayan Calendars and The Mayan Cross,

Quest TV, Q3, 2010


published by Yoga Chicago magazine:

"Healing Chicagoans, One Bath at a Time"  May 2007

"Understanding Your Shoulders"  March 2005

"Vikram Chandra's Red Earth and Pouring Rain"  July 2004

"Meditation, Making the Connection" November 2003

"El Camino Bravo" March 2003


"A Woman Alone in Istanbul"  August 1977