Personal Power

The Mayan Perspective 

Can you imagine the personal power you would have had you known your Mayan Cross your whole life? You would always have known about how subtle energies effect  your nature, personal challenges, strengths and your destiny. In short, you would have a head-start on your process of self-realization.

The Maya begin working with an Aj Q’ij (Daykeeper) as soon as they know they are with child. They know from the day of birth what the day sign is and parent their children using the Mayan Cross and counsel from their trusted Aj Q’ij.

kids, watching the fire ceremony   -photo by Evan Taylor

In order to be complete, the Maya step their young ones through elaborate initiation processes, at least one of them may be death-defying. They see that empowerment and love of life comes by staring death in the face.

 A completed human being is called “twenty” because that is the sum of the number of digits on a human’s hands and feet. Not being initiated or losing one’s soul is a cause for illness and disease that can last for centuries. In this case, ancestral healing processes must be done.

If a person becomes chronically ill, a Mayan Cross analysis may be done by the Aj Q’ij. It is known that if a person is not aligned with the energies in their Cross configuration, they are leaking personal power which, in turn, causes the illness.

The Aj Q’ij knows, based on the Mayan Cross of the person, which is the best day for a healing to take place, where and how to do this. There are specific offerings and sacred materials needed, based on the energies of the person and nature of the problem. 

The Way for Westerners

Western culture is anything but initiation or soul-based, but there are numerous resources to draw from to build personal power. The Mayan Cross is one of those tools that may align a person to their power.

1.  Meditate on the Mayan Day Signs (nawals) in your Mayan Cross. This tool is a resource for you to call upon. Each Day Sign has the ability to empower and inform you, the holder of that energy.

2.    The Mayan Mantra combines all of the sounds of your energies and, if repeated like any other mantra, will amplify your intentions, deepen your connection with the Nawales, empower your thoughts, words and deeds.

3.    Become eloquent, heartfelt and specific in your intentions. If you just mimic what you think you should do, you will not get any results. Communications with the divine (nawals) must come from the heart and soul.

4.    Be impeccable in thought, word and deed while being compassionate with those who are not.

5.    Maintain a light footprint on our Earth and within your physical body. Stay clean, physically, mentally and emotionally.

The video below shows a Toltec method for building personal power, a cleansing dance for building life force energy.