Numeral Definitions

Each number is written in English, Spanish, K’iché Mayan (with pronunciation)

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             NUMERAL                                                                          ENERGETIC FREQUENCY

One, Uno, Jun (pronounced Yoon)                             Source, Beginning, Unity, Firm, Resolute, Oneness, Whole

Two, Dos, Keb’ (pronounced Kabe)                            Polarity, Duality, Balance, Choices, Understanding

Three: Tres: Oxib’ (Osh’ eeb)                                      Rhythm, Movement, Action, Integrate, Trinity

Four, Cuatro, Kajib’ ( Kah’ heeb)                                Stability, Complete, Cube, Order, Measure

Five, Cinco, Job’ ( Hobe)                                             Empower, Center of the Cube, Fingers and Toes

Six, Seis, Waqib’ ( Wah’keeb)                                     Flow, Time/Space, Ultimate stability

Seven, Siete, Wuqub’ ( Woo’koob)                             Reflective, See both backwards and forwards

Eight, Ocho, Wajxaqib’ (Wash’a keeb)                        Balance, Justice, Harmony

Nine, Nuevo, B’elejeb’ (Bay’ lay heeb)                        Great Cycles, Patience, Life Number

Ten, Dias, Lajuj (Lah’ hooh)                                         Manifestation, Complete, Cooperation

Eleven, Once, Ju’lajuj (Yoo’lah hoo)                            Dissonance, Resolution, Power

Twelve, Doce, Kab’lajuj (Kob’ lah hoo)                        Understanding, Accumulation, Totality

Thirteen, Trece, Oxlajuj (Osh’ lah hoo)                       Completion, Ascension