LIVE ON FACEBOOK Maya WAYEB Healing of Ancestral/Sexual Wounds

on 1. IQ

a good day to extend an invitation to participate in the WAYEB healing proces 

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The True Maya Prophecy: The Rise of Divine Feminine

Leading up to December 21, 2012, the specific date when the Maya epoch-based calendar would shift to a new era,  Maya Elder couples brought hundreds of Westerners into their inner circle, around the sacred fire. There they shared their stories, wisdom and prophecies and made it completely clear what was going to happen in the nueva era:  

  Male dominance will diminish, giving way to women who regain their power. She will lead humans back to living in balance.

The media missed this point entirely, focusing instead on the fear and doom scenario. Now, we witness daily the un-doing of things and the mob's reality (double pun intended) being even more destructive. Everything that was built in the old era is in upheaval: consciousness, institutions, infrastructures, environments, roles, methods, norms and behaviors are changing rapidly. For those privvy to the Rise of the Divine Feminine prophecy, see this friction as making room for the new era. That's how growth works. It must have friction! Men and women and others who have indiginized their souls by healing at the deepest levels are the ones who will carry humanity towards the new paradigm. Please join us for this process.  

WAYEB Process for Ancestral, Sexual Wound Healing

Why have we waited for so long? For 5,200 years the definition of femininity has been controlled by male-dominant power structures and now, in the new era, those days are numbered. What better evidence do we have of the supreme intelligence of the Maya calendric system? How could it be otherwise? How else can we work with these comprehensive Maya (and other ancient) systems to fulfill the prophecy?

As of today, 1 IQ, the first day of WAYEB, we can step up to the realization that, at base level, male dominance is the root of most issues. I'm not being offensive. Every good man knows this to be true, too. Now, we can use an Maya ancient tool, the WAYEB to look at our own issues, process them, face and heal them. 

This year we will again create the space for this deepest work. It is in divine order. It's time. 

We in the Mayan Cross community know and trust that timing is everything and that time is on our side. 

Ahau! See you soon!