Meditations & Practices



This meditation is a powerful way to embody the energies contained in your personal Mayan Cross. It is an easy process, you can use it any time you want to feel more grounded, empowered and energized. You can do this as a single practice or add it to any of your other practices such as yoga, tai chi, etc. Essentially you are connecting to your body as if it is a tree, specifically the World Tree of the Maya. Your feet, spine and head (your vertical axis) are the tree roots and tree trunk. Your head and arms stretch out (horizontal axis) like the branches of the tree.

To begin, sit tall, erect, with feet on the floor, or cross legged.

Feel your seat or your feet root down into the earth, the ground will be supporting your spine. Breathe normally for about 7-9 times. Begin to sense the energy coming up from  the core of the Earth when you inhale, reaching all the way up to the heavens. As you exhale the energy will flow back down through you and back into the Earth.  Visualize these elements for about  7-9 complete breaths. Don't try. Take it easy.

Next, in your mind or aloud, say the Kiche words for your Mayan Cross. They should be in this order as you feel these parts of the body:

Conception (top/head)

Heart (center)

Right arm (note: left side of screen)

Left arm (note: right side of screen)

Destiny (feet)

Repeat this sequence 7-9 times or until you feel complete. Take it easy and slow. Let the energies imbue your consciousness and open your heart.

Repetition of this mantra can happen anytime. You can even mentally repeat this all day long,  just like any other mantra. The key is that with repetition, your consciousness will take on the qualities of the sounds of the mantra and you will be embodied as the World Tree.



Ideally, the full count of days should be done every day at dawn. It takes roughly 45-60 minutes which is an apt amount of time to meditate anyway.

This meditation invites the Day Lords into your heart and begins the process of embodying the energies into your cells and auric field. Once complete, you will feel the effects of the full 260 count and be aligned with the energies of the day. You will be ready for anything that comes your way this day!

Begin the meditation asking the Heart of the Heavens, Heart of the Earth, Heart of the Wind, Heart of the Water and your Heart of Hearts to be with you in this moment.

Next, ask the Day Lord of the day you begin this practice to join you. (NOTE: Even though a Monkey day is a good day to initiate practices, it is not necessary to wait for a Monkey day in order to begin the practice.) Invite Day Lord's essence to show you what is required for your growth and fulfillment of your destiny. Speak from your heart and take time to feel it's presence. When you are finished with this invitation, count from 1-13, repeating the number first and then the Day Sign, i.e., 1 Monkey, 2 Monkey, 3 Monkey, all the way to 13 Monkey.

Next morning, ask the next Day Lord in the cycle to join you. Repeat the process of the invocation and the 1-13 count. Do this for all 20 days of the Mayan sacred cycle.

To close, express your gratitude for another day to live to it's fullest and for their presence and guidance in your life. It will take 20 days to complete a full round.




1.     Sunrise or Sunset Mayan Activation-   This are  short  meditations  to rekindle the ancestral tradition,  come to our roots and  to create a special time and connection with the Sun. A  special time of introspection,  each person comes to do  his or her invocation then, together, with others to raise  the vibration of the Day's energy. These are done during sunrise and sunset.

2.     Mayan Sacred Mudras Breathing Techniques-  breathing exercises that contain the essence of the Sacred Mayan Calendar and are done to awaken our consciousness and connect us with the pulsation of life, improving circulation and a connection with higher spirit.


3.     Mayan Sun Gazing Technique- includes movement of the eyes and is  done only at sunrise,  improving concentration, memory and overall wellbeing.