Interpreting Your Cross

The Mayan Cross is not astrology, per se. Instead, the Mayan Cross and the Mayan sacred calendar are based on galactic energetic forces, rather than astrology, which is based on the celestial position of planets and stars in our solar systemTo interpret Mayan Cross is more a function of looking within to see how these energies may guide us, rather than analyzing what is affecting us from outside.

It is more appropriate to think of working with the Mayan Cross as energy work. The best way to understand your Mayan Cross is to sit with it, feel and embody it.

We have provided a lot of information about the meanings of the signs and numerals at the risk of having you over-think this. You'll notice that the descriptions are not very static nor cut-and-dry. This is because the energies within your Mayan Cross are composed of many elements, all of which have numerous expressions to the Maya and will have to you. What you read about is my synthesis of the way many Maya have expressed these energies. 

The informational part is best used for reference, after you have worked introspectively with the energies and spirtual essences. One of the reasons why I chose to make the crosses so graphically appealing was to enact the right brain. This enables the colors and shapes of the symbols to imprint within you.

Let the Nawales come to you. As you sit, listen for their messages. Trust what you hear is coming from your Higher Self and for the greatest good. Open to the wisdom of your soul and allow this insight into your heart.

Attempts to intellectually make sense out of the Mayan Cross will create barriers to the nawale's transmissions.

if feel you feel you need more guidance on how your Mayan Cross relates to you, please go to the Contact/Consult page to learn more about donation-based private sessions with me. The proceeds are given back to the creators of this wisdom, the beloved Maya. 

In loving service,



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