Don Carlos Barrios Biography

This Guatemalan anthropologist, researcher and historian is an expert in the Sacred Maya Calendar. He is also an Ajq’ij -spiritual guide- and member of the Council of Mayan Elders and World Council of Mayan Elders.

He studied the traditions and Cosmo-Vision of the Maya people with Don Pascual, a Chi-Mam -spiritual guide- of the Mam people, who was the mayor and a leader of one of the older partisanships of Mayan people. Carlos was also a student to Don Isidro, one of the last Alach Winak -king of the Achis- and an academic and wise man who had several PhD’s.

Carlos is a researcher with expertise on Mayan culture and spirituality. He worked as a professor at Universidad Rafael Landvar and Universidad Del Valle in Guatemala.

He foretold several prophecies that have proved to be accurate. Amongst them, the attack to the Twin Towers (prophecy of the Elders), the attack by the United States to Iran, the Tsunamis, the economic crisis and the arrival of Barack Obama to the presidency of the USA.

He has actively participated in the rescue of the Mayan tradition and knowledge. He organized the First Encounter of Elders and Native Spiritual Leaders of the American Continent (1995). He also participated and was an exponent on Mayan Spirituality at the Presidential Summit Meetings in San Pedro Sula, Honduras (1994) and in Quito, Ecuador (1995). He has imparted conferences in several universities of America, as well as in many educational institutions, and diverse international associations and institutions. He was an exponent on Mayan Spirituality, Global Warming and the Destiny of Humanity, at the First Gathering of Spiritual Leaders that took place in Sweden.

Carlos has also appeared on several documentaries for National Geographic, Discovery Channel, RAI (Italian television) Television Espanola, and NASA, amongst others.

He has published several studies on the Haab Calendar and the Cholq’ij Calendar, edited by the center of Mayan Studies (CEEM) between the years 1989 and 2000.

He is also author of the following books:

El Kam Wuj -Mayan Astrology-. Published by Editorial Sudamericana. 1999.

Ch’umilal Wuj, El Libro del Destino. Published by Cholsamaj. Guatemala. 1999.

The Book of Destiny. Published by Kodesama. Japan. 2007.

The Book of Destiny: Unlocking the Secrets of the Ancient Mayans and the Prophecy of 2012, Harper One Publishers, USA, 2009.

He teaches with his wife, Adriana Rojas, a female shaman and international lecturer on Mayan wisdom and female shamanism.