Adriana Rojas Biography

ADRIANA ROJAS was born in the city of Bogota, Colombia, in a traditional family. She graduated in enterprise administration, specializing in Finance, and became a  stockbroker and trader with important firms and banks of Colombia’s capital city.
She is a female shaman that acquired her knowledge in the Mayan path that she began 15 years ago, receiving teachings from wise elders of eagle clan and priests and elders Tzutujils from Tzotz (bat) Clan (inter - dimensional messengers). Actually is an AJ POM; (Fire Priestess), traditional and expert in CHOLQ’IJ (the Mayan sacred calendar, pronounced chol keej’); and in the techniques of Kan Kueb (Mayan Healing).

Since her childhood, she had interest in esoteric and spiritual subjects and she learned several disciplines of spiritual growth. She was initiated in Tibetan techniques of Bardo and in several disciplines of healings such as Reiki, Prana healing, Reflexology, Amazonian traditional medicine and especially in KAN KUEB (Mayan Healing).

She was initiated in Amazonian tradition during an extraordinary journey in the deepness of the rain forest, being one of the few women accepted by the elders as warriors of green road. This experience will be told in her next book. She has been international lecturer teaching in workshops about:
VISION OF FEMALE SHAMAN (the teachings of the Mayan path and the rain forest vision) THE IMPORTANCE OF FEMALE ENERGY IN THESE PROPHETIC TIMES.
KAK ALOM (Inner Fire of mother earth) and IX NAWAL (the power of female energy); the relation of earth energy with female spirituality.

Together with her husband Don Carlos Barrios, and according to the energies of new cycle, they work as spiritual couple sharing the teachings of the Maya throughout the world in conference and workshop settings. Moreover, they do personal sessions interpret the Mayan sign (Mayan astrology), Reading Tzit (the ancient Mayan method of divination) and sessions of healing and energetic harmonization on four levels.