Tata Pedro Cruz Sacred Tour - 2013 Including Gatherings, Workshops, Healings & More



 Summer Solstice Traditional Mayan Fire Ceremony-Sunday, June 23, 6.Net/K'at  4:00-8:30PM$-2 warmly accep



WED, NOV. 21 - 13.T'zi, the day of spiritual authority



3600 W. Foster, North of the PE Building, look for the prayer flags

Check Google maps to find our location

You may park for free on the West side of St. Louis Ave. a N/S street between Kimball & Central Park;
or $5 if you enter the campus on Central Park & Foster

Donations welcome

Please bring offerings such as: colored candles, flowers, incense, sweets, sacred tobacco & objects for blessings

Rain, Shine or Cold...we have an indoor option at this location


October, 2012
October 13, Saturday, noon fire ceremony for 13.B'atz (Monkey) - Frank's Hill, WI
October 20, Saturday, movie & discussion at my place 7:30 - 9:30 PM
Debut screening of an inspiring & informational 2012 film, featuring Tata Pedro  RSVP with me directly via email to ensure your spot

October 25, Thursday,  Theosophical Society
7:00 PM
short ceremony for 12.Akabal (Twilight) 
"Shedding Light on the Mayan Path"

October 26, Friday, 3:00 PM
Fire ceremony for 13.K'at (Net)
at my home RSVP to me directly via email

November, 2012
November 7, Wednesday, 5:00PM (sunset) fire for 12.Ajmaq (Wisdom) at my home
RSVP via my email

November 8, Thursday, celebration for 13.Noj (Knowledge) Evanston Fire Circle, 2603 N. Sheridan, Evanston, 3PM, potluck and film to follow
November 20, Tuesday, 5:00 PM fire ceremony for 12.Toj (Offering) at my home
Bring a dish to share during the:
"For the Next 7 Generations" film at 7:30 PM
RSVP via my email

November 21, Wednesday, NOON fire for 13 T'zi (Dog) NEIU Peace Circle, 3600 W. Foster, Chicago, North of the PE building

Please light a candle for Love, Peace, Unity in the World:
December 3 & 4 - 12. Iq (Wind) and 13.Aqabal (Twilight)

Dec. 16 -& 17 - 12.Tz'ikin (Eagle) and 13.Ajmaq (Wisdom/Forgiveness)

Dec. 21 to welcome the new era on the Mayan Long Count calendar


NAJT in Guatemala is omnipresent. With 60% of the population streaming spacetime, the veil is very thin there. If you feel called to know this dimension more thoroughly, be there with us, especially so in December, 2012.

December 11-22, Sacred Tour details with  Carlos Barrios and Adriana Rojas in Guatemala

December 14-21, Unificacion Maya in el Remate, GT.

Feel free to email me for additional information on these sacred journeys


"Return of the People of Maize" Sacred Tour 2012

Click Link Below for Complete Tour Details

Thursday, Sept 20, 2012

10:00 AM Sacred Walk to Newberry Library for Popul Vuh Viewing

Casa Aztlan  7:00PM (lectura y discucion en espanol)


Friday, Sept 21

Quality Time with Elder Tata Pedro Cruz 1:00-4:00 PM & Mayan Fire Ceremony 6:00-8:00 PM

at Northeastern University Fire Circle, 3600 W. Foster, Chicago 60625

IMPORTANT:  Foster Ave. is closed for repair work. Please come in from the NORTH, Bryn Mawr entrance and drive to the south end of campus to the "L" lot (just WEST of fire circle)

You will need to purchase a one day parking pass by the parking garage or at the toll gate by the "L" lot. If you don't have a pass, you could get a ticket!!


Saturday, Sept. 22

Mayan Fire Ceremony 5:00-9:00 PM

at Evanston Arts Center Fire Circle, Lighthouse Landing 2603 N. Sheridan Rd., Evanston (parking in nearby lot, 5 blocks from Purple line)


Sunday, Sept. 23

Private Sessions and Healings for Chicago Daykeeper Community




Tata Pedro Cruz is one of the last authentic Mayan TZ'UTUJIL Elders of San Pedro La Laguna, a region that surrounds the famous Lake Atitlan in Guatemaya.   He is an acclaimed spiritual figure and an international ambassador of world peace. Tata Pedro is one of the principal authorities of the council of Mayan Elders of Lake Atiotlan. He has received the title of "Heart of the Lake Atitlan: K'U'XYA, by his fellow Mayan elders and his TZ'TUJIL people.

He has traveled around the world and visited more than a hundred countries spreading a message of peace, love and unity.  His teachings include Mayan Culture, Mayan cosmology, and the Mayan Calendars along with the oral ancient wisdom of the Maya.  He is a traditional Mayan Ajq'ij and Day Keeper and is genuine guardian of the last traditions of Guatemaya. He has recently inaugurated a traditional Mayan school for the youth in San Pedro, La Laguna in hopes to preserve the legacy and folklore of the TZUTUJIL Maya of Lake Atitlan.

Tata Pedro is one of the founders and head of the Unification of Wisdom festivals in Tikal Peten Guatemala.  These festivals have brought together the fragmented Mayan descended tribes throughout Guatemala to promote the oral traditions, rituals and culture of the ancient Mayans and to share this wisdom with the world.  He has expanded festival beyond the wisdom of the ancient Mayans by including ancestral wisdom from other cultures around the world. He recognizes the interconnectedness of all people, of the expanding consciousness of the planet, and the urgent need to unify our spiritual, cultural and ethnic wisdom for the benefit of the planet and humanity







SATURDAY, MAY 19, 2012


Check Google maps to find our location: 3600 W. Foster, Chicago 60625

You may park for free on the West side of St. Louis Ave. a N/S street between Kimball & Central Park;
or $5 if you enter the campus on Central Park & Foster.

On the East side of campus, look for a large field with Tibetan prayer flags flying and an enormous crystal marking the spot.






                                                       Lighthouse Landing, 2603 N. Sheridan Rd.






Chicago - June 14-19, 2011

We are honored to welcome Don Carlos Barrios, renown anthropologist, researcher, historian, member of the World Council of  Mayan Elders and a distinguished  Ajq'ij, (Mayan Priest & Daykeeper) to Chicago. Historically, authentic Mayan teachers have not been able to travel much, so this is truly a rare opportunity. Carlos' unique background and gifts make him one of the most highly qualified to teach Mayan wisdom. Carlos' teachings of Mayan wisdom are at a deeper level than has ever been taught in Chicago.

Carlos Barrios has published several studies and books on the Mayan calendar in Spanish, but his seminal work, The Book of Destiny published in English in 2009, has quickly become the reference for many Westerners studying Mayan calendars and prophecies. His prophetic track-record speaks for itself.

He has extensive experience within numerous Mayan lineages which powers his ability to convey well-rounded and well-founded teachings of Mayan cosmology to the Western mind. Carlos Barrios is also a gifted healer, daykeeper, diviner and teacher.

True to the Mayan tradition of spiritual couples, Carlos teaches with his wife, Adriana Rojas, initiated in the Amazonian tradition and also a Mayan Ajq'ij.

This tour of the Heartland is geared to reach as many seekers and interested participants for a fair price. In keeping with Mayan wisdom, in Chicago we have chosen North, South, East and West location venues as homage to the four directions and to create our circle as one. We hope you can join us for any or all of these events. 

Carlos and Adriana will also be in the Madison, WI, area from June 20-30. Check for details and registration.

PRIVATE SESSIONS ~ Healing, Reading and Divination

Scheduled from 11:00AM and ending at 4:00PM on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for $125/hour. To make your reservation, please call Barbara (BJ) Sadtler at 630.334.7826 or email






CHICAGO TOUR SCHEDULE (in chronological order)

Evening Lecture in English

“2012 - The True Vision of the Mayan Prophecies”    

Tuesday, June 14        6:00-9:30 PM                    Fine Arts Building        Curtiss Hall, 10th Floor                 410 S. Michigan, Chicago     
Fee: *$10  advance - $15/door    $5 with student ID

Many Western researchers have been developing theories and making claims about the meaning of the “end” of the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012. This presentation will dispel the myths and explain how the Maya perceive this extraordinary time we experiencing now. CLICK HERE for a glimpse at  Carlos' message. 

We are honored to have a renown Mayan Priest who has both academic and shamanic credentials be with us for six days in Chicago. His presence is unprecedented here and we welcome this opportunity to delve into ancient wisdom, and the heart of the Maya,  which are timely and important to our community.

This is a 7.Net day on the Mayan Sacred Calendar, a perfect day for casting the net widely, to gather life's gifts. 


     FULL MOON-Traditional Mayan Fire Ceremony

Wednesday, June 15        5:30-10:00 PM   

 Fire Circle at Evanston Fine Arts Center           Lighthouse Landing 2603 Sheridan Rd. Evanston, 60201           (5 blocks from Purple Line)

Fee: Suggested Donation   $15 advance - $20/door  $10 with student ID

Fire ceremonies are the center of all spiritual practices and common among all ancient and native cultures. A fire ceremony is the most powerfully transformative of all rituals. Each fire ceremony offers us the opportunity to use the source of all light to amplify our intentions and oblations. The divine lives in the fire.

This ceremony is the best way to learn, embody and connect with the Mayan sacred calendar. This is a primordial ceremony that is certain to stay with you for days and weeks ahead, especially when amplified by the energies of the full moon. We set intentions, we ask for assistance, abundance, forgiveness, personal power, protection and much more as we offer our hearts and small material items to please the Nawales.

In this ceremony, we will ask for the health and well-being for our beloved Lake Michigan, the land and people in Chicago and throughout the world.

Learn more about Mayan Fire Ceremonies

Bring five multi-colored candles, other ceremonial materials will be provided.

This is an 8.Serpent day on the Mayan Sacred Calendar. 8 days are preferred for Mayan fire ceremonies because the energy is stable. Ceremonies for justice, wisdom, strength, equality and no disequilibrium for Mother Nature are held on Serpent days.

Evening Lecture in Spanish/English

  "2012 - La Verdad Sobre las Profecías Mayas"    “2012 - The True Vision of the Mayan Prophecies”

Thursday, June 16        6:00-9:00 PM        Casa Aztlan      1831 S. Racine, Chicago, 60608   312.666.5508
Fee: *$10/ advance - $15/door    $5 with student ID

Muchos investigadores occidentales han desarrollado teorías y hacer declaraciones sobre el significado del "fin" del calendario maya el 21 de diciembre de 2012. Esta presentación disipar los mitos y explicar cómo los mayas perciben este momento extraordinario que experimentan ahora. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ para echar un vistazo en el mensaje de Carlos.

Nos sentimos honrados de contar con un sacerdote maya con dos credenciales académicas y chamánicas a Chicago. Su presencia no tiene precedentes en el aquí y queremos aprovechar esta oportunidad para ahondar en la sabiduría antigua que es oportuno e importante para nuestra comunidad.

Este es un día de Muerte 9 en el calendario sagrado maya. Nueve es una energía del paciente, femenino y la muerte es el final del transformador, con lo que un alma de círculo completo en la rueda de la vida.



“Accessing the Power of the Mayan Sacred Calendar “

Friday, June 17                7:00-10:30 PM            Yoga Now Gold Coast      742 N. LaSalle, Chicago              312.280.9642

                           Fee:  *$40/ advance -  $50-/door

Known as the Mayan sacred calendar,the Cholq’ij (also known as the Tzolkin in Yucatecan language) is one of 20 Calendars of the Mayan world and is the basis of Mayan spirituality.  The Cholq’ij is an extraordinary tool that allows us to make a journey inside ourselves to discover our capabilities, our skills, our areas for improvements and find our purpose in life. We also learn about the energy that each day brings and how it affects us.

 Carlos and Adriana will teach how to create the six-sign Mayan Cross, as seen here on our site:, and the more detailed nine-sign birth chart, which lead one to greater personal, material and spritual understanding. This workshop is ideal for those who want the basics of the Mayan sacred calendar and great for those who already know about the Mayan Cross and how interactions with others become more harmoniously when using it.

 Requirements: Some knowledge about the Mayan Sacred Count of Days, pen and paper. Hand-outs provided.

This is a 10.Deer day on the Mayan sacred calendar. Ten is a manifesting energy and Deer is a stable, foundational, powerful energy that stands for integrity and accountability.   This is perfect energy for integrating the content of this workshop.


“Mayan Consciousness - Adapting and Opening to the New Energies of 2012”

Saturday, June 18                                   9:00 – 4:00 PM                                 Insight Awareness Center           708.957.1284                  18110 Martin Ave. Homewood 60430                       Close to METRA Electric Line-University Park

                      Fee: *$60/advance - $70/door

The ancient teachings of the Mayan grandparents enable us to learn concentration, meditation techniques and practical exercises aimed at bringing in the energies of the new era. It has been said that the Mayan techniques are the quickest way to reach enlightenment.

This workshop will include information on the ancient teachings of Mayan elders for meditation, breaking a rigid frame of mind, handling crystals and candles energies, practical exercises directed to harmonize us and unblock the energies by activation of UKUXEB (energies points - chakras) in relation with the points of entrance and exits of energy to our body. The WAKIB UKUX is an ancestral and extraordinary technique that develops the vision and growth of  intuition through of activation of pineal gland. KAK ALOM (Inner Fire of mother earth) and IX NAWAL (the power of female energy) will also be taught.

This class is a must for any meditator, light worker or healer who wishes to broaden and deeper their skills.

Requirements: No prerequisites. Please bring a notebook and candles of different colors

This is an 11.Seed day on the Mayan sacred calendar. 11 is the energy of resolution. Seed days are perfect for planting new ideas and beginning new awareness. 


“Mayan Healing Techniques”

Sunday, June 19            10:00-4:00 PM                       Blue Feather Books & Botanicals               19 W. Harris Ave. LaGrange, IL 60525  close to METRA

ONLINE TICKETS NOT AVAILABLE FOR THIS EVENT ONLY--REGISTER BY CALLING 708.352.8481                                      

                                    Fee: *$70/advance - $80/door

    This workshop is well-suited those who work with energy, i.e., light and body workers, shamans and energy healers,  who wish to add Mayan methods to their existing modality repertoire.

The Mayan sacred calendar, the foundation for Mayan cosmovision, is also the foundation for Mayan healing. This workshop provides information on how the sacred calendar is used for healing. We will dedicate time for practical exercises aimed at harmonizing and unlocking the activation energies of the UKUXEB (central nervous system) in connection with entry and exit points of our body’s energy. These techniques help cure diseases and align physical, mental, psychic and spiritual aspects of being.

Please bring notebook, different colored candles, blankets and pillows to keep you comfortable. Hand-outs provided.

This is a 12.Offering day on the Mayan sacred calendar. Twelve energy contains deep understanding and awareness. Offering is the day of atonement, healing and understanding the necessity for doing so.           

Photo Credits: Sarah Perrig


Fire Ceremony in Tikal, Guatemala - Winter solstice/lunar eclipse, 2010

Watch on Mayan Cross YouTube Channel



 Conscious Convergence 

July, 2010


Making a Fire Offering

Photo by Evan E. Taylor