Illustrated by Angelika Bauer

Also known as:

Seed/Star – English
Q’anil – Kich’é
 Lamat – Yucatecan
Yellow Star - Dreamspell

The Mayan sacred calendar, the Chol’qi, is comprised of 20 Day Lords, glyphs, day signs, or archetypal energies. Most Mesoamerican and many other indigenous cultures believe that the origins of humanity came from the stars. We are made of the same substances and in this context seed and star have the same meaning. This energy is creation itself, brilliant and gestational all at once. Seed is the beginning of new life, ideas and relationships that are unencumbered and have the potential to reproduce without limit. There is a sense of regeneration and renewal with this energy. This sign was important to the ancient Maya, to the degree that pregnancies would be planned so that kings and queens would be born on Seed (also Sun) days. 

Visualize the icon of the Seed: Note several variations of the glyph. From left to right they are: Codex Madrid, Codex Dresden and two examples of Classic Maya epigraphy. Here again we find the stability of four points, thought to be the holes that are dug into the ground, either with a stick or a finger, when planting seeds.

A Seed day is a good day to: pray to Mother Nature for planting, harvest and for the abundance for our sons, daughters and animals. It is also good for asking to regain or resume something that was believed lost, overcome the hardships of poverty or to ask to remove any shyness. On Wajxaqib’ Q’anil, the Maya ask for good crops, good weather and that animals do not destroy the plantings. 

The highest expression: A seed person bursts with life, love and ideas, loving travel and adventure. Their work is to reflect inwardly so that they may integrate all of the experiences they create into wisdom that serves their best judgment, right decisions and success. Those born on Seed days may possess blood lightening and become Ajq’ijab’.

A lower expression: The seed could fester in the soil and not grow. There may be an ego problem with this day sign, as Seed may become self-centered and conceited. This may result in slander and loss of a good reputation. 

Health:  Disease is not uncommon for Seed, especially if they are not cultivating their inner awareness of self and addressing their personal needs.

Compatibility:  Seed is made up of energies that come from the South and resonates with soul brothers and sisters from that same direction: Net, Road, Wisdom and Sun. Those who are influenced by energy from the opposite direction, North, also complement Seed: Wind, Death, Dog, Jaguar and Flint.

Keywords used to meditate and trigger ancestral memory of the Nawal: star, rabbit, multiply, ripen, renew, growth

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