Illustration by Angelika Bauer
Also known as:
Storm, Family - English
Kawoq – K’iché
Cauac – Yucatecan
Blue Storm - Dreamspell
The Mayan sacred calendar, the Chol’qi, is comprised of 20 Day Lords, glyphs, day signs, or, as is often thought, archetypal energies. This is feminine energy (Kawoq in Kiche also means women’s clothing) with male characteristics, so intermingled that it may be difficult to tell them apart. The rainstorm takes on many frequencies, from the soft patter of rain drops to the climax of thunderclaps and lightning strikes.  In fire ceremony, the Aj’ ijq pour honey on the fire. A rainstorm is a marvel of nature, a process and an event that captivates, terrifies and purifies. 
Visualize the icon of Rainstorm: Note several variations of the glyph. From left to right they are: Codex Madrid, Codex Dresden and two examples of Classic Maya epigraphy. The bundle of circles at the top depict clouds. The symbols in the center represent lightning. The cross hatch is the healing and reconciled family or community that is often the outcome after a storm. 
A Rainstorm day is a good day to:  On this day the Ajq'ij make an offering ceremony to pray for the sunrise, for the welfare of the people, for the health of patients, to end disputes and problems, and to ask that the value of the staff of authority will succeed. Also, this is a good day to  ask for good, nourishing rain for the crops and medicinal plants.
The highest expression: When balanced and attuned, a Rainstorm person is calm, sweet, caring, family oriented and an uplifting person to be around. They are caring healers, midwifes and adept at curing diseases of women.

A lower expression:  An unenlightened Rainstorm person may have trouble with alcohol, blaming others for their troubles, anger and losses in life.
Health:  Rainstorm people usually have strong constitutions and do not easily get ill.  The character needs to be nurtured otherwise violence and anguish will become overwhelming.
Compatibility: A Rainstorm person’s soul group is that of the direction West, where the color is black/blue/purple: Dawn, Deer, Monkey and Bird are often significant players in your life drama. Likewise, those from the opposite direction, the East where the color is red, also hold a special resonance with Rainstorm: Crocodile, Serpent, Offering, Reed and Knowledge people are there for you, on many levels. 
Keywords used to meditate and trigger ancestral memory of the Nawal: rain, turtle, cloud, unexpected, catalyst, cleanse
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