Illustrated by Angelika Bauer

Also known as:

Net, Seed – English
K’at – K’iché
Yucatecan –Kan
Dreamspell – Yellow Seed

The Mayan sacred calendar, the Chol’qi, is comprised of 20 Day Lords, glyphs, day signs, or archetypal energies. The Net always conjures the image of the fishermen casting their fishing net from their small, wooden boat, volcanoes in the background on Lake Atitlan. One never knows what will be drawn up from that net, bounty or garbage. The fisherman must be focused, lest he get caught up in the net.  It is also thought of as the sacred fire that consumes what is no longer of benefit and changes to that which does.

Visualize the icon of Net: Note several variations of the glyph. From left to right they are: Codex Madrid, Codex Dresden and two examples of Classic Maya epigraphy. The shape at the top is the seed with potential for new life. The horizontal line and the vertical lines are the strands in the net, ready to capture the seed as it drops, through gravity, into the net.

A Net day is a good day to: The sacred fire is the element that helps us communicate with the network of forces in the Heart of the Heavens and Heart of the Earth and transform our ideas, hopes and prayers into reality. On Net days, we call for blessings for the healthy development of our children, pregnant mothers and the community. Net can help us untie the strings that bind us in negativity and vices. During fire ceremony, the Ajq’ijab will often sweeten the fire with sugar, encouraging K’at to be good to the people. 

Casting a Net
Casting a Beautiful Net


The highest expression: A person born on the day Net is studious, organized, detail-oriented and great networkers. They manifest beautifully in the arts. Sensual and energetic, Net loves the finer comforts of life and has the aptitude for obtaining material wealth.

A lower expression:  Net can be high-strung, wired and overly involved in other people’s affairs. They may hang on to threads of relationships that have ceased being productive or fulfilling, hoard things and attach to material things in an unhealthy way.

Health:  They could suffer from negative influences and spiral into disease caused by high stress and poor self-care.          

Compatibility: The soul mates of Net also come from the South: Seed, Road, Wisdom and Sun. Net will also have connection with those day signs from the opposite direction, the North: Wind, Death, Flint, Dog and Road.

Keywords used to meditate and trigger ancestral memory of the Nawal: fire, burn, lizard, seed money, plant 

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