Illustration by Angelki Bauer

Also known as:  

Eagle - English

Tz’ikin – K’iché
Men – Yucatecan
Blue Eagle – Dreamspell


The Mayan sacred calendar, the Chol’qi, is comprised of 20 Day Lords, glyphs, day signs, or, as is often thought, archetypal energies. During Mayan fire ceremonies, Bird is one of the Nawals that lightens up the energy and takes it from serious to fun. As the Nawal is called in, Bird may take the form of a big, bad eagle or a baby swallow. Participants are given sesame seeds to offer the fire and asked to make bird sounds as they throw the seeds into the flames. Their pop and crackle sounds accompany the wide range (and quality) of human bird calls, which makes everyone laugh.  
Visualize the icon of the Bird: Note several variations of the glyph. From left to right they are: Codex Madrid, Codex Dresden and two examples of Classic Maya epigraphy.  This glyph represents the head of an eagle or bird, the guardians of the Mayalands. The space at the top indicates clear and open mindedness. The eye and the dots suggest penetrating vision. The lines at the bottom are the feathers.  
A Bird day is a good day to: The Maya see this day as one suitable to seek love and wealth, both personally and for the community. Offerings and celebrations and are made to the Tz'ikin to ask for money, simplicity and kindness. The energy of this day is also good for community projects, for protection of business, couples, friends and to scare away birds damaging crops, especially maize, the Maya’s sacred food of life. 
The highest expression: Birds are often quite the characters. Outgoing, friendly and intelligent, they can become wheeler-dealers in business and makers of their own destiny. Their personal power influences many people and is often done behind the scenes, problem solving, plotting and analyzing what needs to take place for optimum outcomes. They are lucky in love and fortune comes easily to them. They make powerful spiritual leaders, teachers and healers. They often carry blood lightening.
A lower expression:   Birds can grow bored easily, lose interest, take short-cuts and cheat on others. Ambition could overshadow their higher alignment, drawing their path down into opportunism, irresponsibility and infidelity.   
Health:  Birds often have splendid and spiritual and material lives. Sickness comes if Bird does not understand or take seriously their role and mission as per the Mayan Cross. Disease stems from their frustration and anger.
Compatibility: Birds are influenced by other signs governed by the energy from the West, where the color is blue/black/purple: Dawn, Deer, Monkey and Rainstorm.  People born on days where the energy of the East, the color red, also resonate especially with Bird: Crocodile, Serpent, Offering, Reed and Knowledge.
Keywords used to meditate and trigger ancestral memory of the Nawal: Abundance, produce, prosper, intermediary, bird’s eye view, clarity, song, fly, dream  
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