Compatibility Among Day Signs

It is a 5.Wind/Iq day, a great day to communicate that we have a new page on this site, under the "Interpreting Your Cross" menu. Click here to access the new page  Compatibility.

For milenia, the Maya have used their *astrology to determine compatibility among Day Signs. Partnerships of all kinds can benefit from this wisdom, and the methods for figuring this out are easy and accurate. Keep in mind that the charts, tables and techniques provided on our page are useful tools that apply in life, love and business.

Here is an excerpt from the new content:


By looking at ancient codices, you can see four groupings of 5 Day Signs located in each of the four directions. Any Day Sign in your group is someone with whom you are compatible. A Day Sign found on the opposite side from another is considered harmonious. Those on the right angle from you? Well, you may wish to take a closer look. You are not aligned and will experience uphill battlein your relationship. If you are already committed partners, it will help to go to the bottom of this page to find the COMBINED energy of your couple. This new Day Sign will better inform you on the best approach for dealing with conflicts and deepening your understanding and acceptance of one another."

As a BONUS, we have even provided a little-known, authentic, approach for dealing with incompatible partnerships that you may feel stuck with. Take heed! We're working with energy here and there is no such thing as bad energy, just those that we are not used to working with yet.

Let this guide you and trust that it works, and has, for centuries.

Buen suerte a todos con la vida y l'amor.



*actually a misnomer because astrology connote the celestial positioning of things, and the Mayan Cross does not)