There are a variety of ways to determine compatibility among Day Signs. Each of these methods tells us the same thing using a slightly different approach.


By looking at ancient codices, you can see four groupings of 5 Day Signs each located in each of the four directions. Any Day Sign in your group is someone with whom you are compatible. A Day Sign found on the opposite side from another is considered harmonious.

Those on the right angle from you? Well, you may wish to take a closer look. The two of you are not aligned and will experience more than an ordinary challenges in your relationship. If you are already committed partners, it will help to go to the bottom of this page to find the COMBINED energy of your couple. This Day Sign will give you something new to work with and inform you on the best approach for dealing with your conflicts. Looking at the highest expression of this combined energy will deepen your understanding and acceptance of one another.

Method #2     COLOR CODING in the MAYAN CROSS

Another way to determine compatibility is to look at the color of each day sign on the Vertical and Horizontal axis of the Cross, (seen on calculation result page of this websit)e.  Mayan Crosses have four possible color combinations:  white/yellow, yellow/white, blue/red or red/blue. There are no other color combinations, such as yellow/red or blue/white.

The color-codes are pointers to compatibility. For example, if you are a red/blue combination, then it follows that people with the same vertical/horizontal axis have similar make-up as you and will resonate especially with you. Even those opposite you, with a blue/red scheme, are harmonious with you. Compatible people have the same energetic signature and are members of your soul group.


You will find symbiotic relationships within the same element as well as with those on the same horizontal line. For example, all fire elements, Monkey, Bird, Storm, Dawn and Deer are compatible (vertical column) as are all on the horizontal line with Monkey, Road, Reed and Jaguar.

FIRE                                       EARTH                                        AIR                                         WATER                                    

Monkey (B'atz)                        Road (E)                                      Reed (Aj)                               Jaguar (Ix)

Bird (Tz'ikin)                            Wisdom (AjMaq)                          Knowledge (Noj)                    Flint (Tijax)

Storm (Kawoq)                        Sun (Ajpu)                                   Crocodile (Imox)                     Wind (Iq)

Dawn (Aqabal)                        Net (Kat)                                      Serpent (Kan)                         Death (Kame)

Deer (Kej)                               Seed (Q'anil)                                Offering (Toj)                           Dog (Tzi)

LOOK FOR YOUR MIRROR (see the truth!!)

On the above table, find your Day Sign, then count 11 Day Signs forward (left to right, top to bottom) from your own. This sign is your complementary sign, which can be considered your opposite. This can manifest as conflict between the two, but the nature of those conflicts can reveal aspects of yourself that you need to know for personal growth. We grow by looking at our imperfections, right?

Each of these groups are compatible:

East – Red - Fire: Father Sun archetype
Reed (Aj), Knowledge (N'oj), Serpent (Kan), Crocodile (Imox), Offering (T'oj)

South – Yellow - Earth mother archetype
Road (E), Wisdom(Ajmaq), Sun (Ajpu), Net (Kat), Seed (Q’anil)

West – Blue/Black - Water:  Grandmother Moon/Ocean archetype
Monkey (Batz), Bird (Tz’ikin), Rainstorm (Kawaq),  Dawn (Aq’ab’al), Deer ( Kej)

North – White - Air: Father Sky archetype
Jaguar (Ix), Flint (Tijax), Wind (Iq), Death (Kame), Dog (T’zi)

Method #5   FIND A DAY SIGN (Combine Energy)  FOR A COUPLE

1,)    Find the Day Sign for each of you.

2.)    Add the numbers together and divide by 2. If it is an uneven number, then round it up or down, depending on your intuition. This is the number which influences the energy of the couple.

3.)    Use the list below to determine the number associated with each of your Day Signs. Add the two numbers together, then divide by two and use that number to determine the Day Sign for the couple.

1 Monkey (B'atz)                         11 Crocodile (Imox)

2 Road (E)                                  12 Wind (Iq)

3 Reed (Aj)                                 13 Dawn (Aqabal)

4 Jaguar (Ix)                               14 Net (K'at)

5 Bird (Tz'ikin)                            15 Serpent (Kan)

6 Wisdom (Ajmaq)                      16 Death (Kame)

7 Knowledge (Noj)                      17 Deer (Kej)

8 Flint (Tijax)                               18 Seed (Q'anil)

9 Storm (Kawoq)                         19 Offering (Toj)                                    

10 Sun (Ajpu)                              20 Dog (T'zi) 


The Mayan Cross is a tool that is used like a manual for navigating life, love and fulfillment. All of these energies have positive and negative aspects. Since the nature of energy is dynamic, using the power of awareness, intention and guidance from the Nawales, anyone or couple reach their highest potential. This system is to be used as a guide towards a deeper, richer life experience.