El Día de los Muertes, 2016 - Maya Prophecies and Current Events


It's been almost four years since the Maya prophecy of the SHIFT OF THE AGES  was initiated (December 21, 2012). Many of us continue to be filled with gratitude for the wisdom that the Elders have shared with us. Their prophecies and calendars broaden our understanding of time and the role that the timing of events plays in our lives. This is stuff not available through the mainstream.  


To learn more about the Maya and their prophecies, click here to watch the fascinating documentary film, SHIFT OF THE AGES to decide for yourself if their predictions are accurate


Everywhere we see evidence of the massive Shift in conscousness that has been prophecied. Since the late 1980's the Maya Elders' have explained that this Shift brings balance to feminine and masculine energies. We feel it in our bodies and lives. We see it in other people, institutions, news headlines and weather reports. For example: 

  • A woman candidate for President of the superpower United States competing with an unevolved male; 
  • the Stand taken against the North Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock is led by the female Water Protectors, supported by men and indigenous clans from all over the world;
  • the resurgence and erosion of all forms of male dominance;
  • the strains of modern feminism; 
  • the turmoil and agony of injustices among people of race, sexual orientation, nationality, social status, all of whom are blending into an evolved version of humanity;
  • the rape of our Earth by the fossil fuel industry, poisonous agricultural and other greedy corporations that are enabled by our governments and sure to destroy life as we know it on our planet.

These are a few of the countless examples of the the Shift of the Ages prophecy manifesting in our world. The circumstances have been anything but comfortable, but evolution dances to its own cosmic rhythm. Ultimately the Shift brings healing and harmony, allowing a civilization to flourish.

That thousands of indigenous people from all corners of the earth have gathered in North Dakota to support the peaceful action against the black snake (DAPL pipeline) has also been prophecied. "The Eagle and the Condor" prophecy says that when the indigenous of North America (the Eagle) convene with the Central and South American tribes (the Condor) it is a key signal that the Shift is well on its way. Though it feels as if time is speeding up, in fact, it is  actually CREATION that is. Due to this phenomena, we can expect the next phases of the Shift to happen even faster than before. HOLD ON, stay centered.

"Like the fingers of a hand we are all one." (Nos somos uno.) This Maya prophecy fortells the elimination of hate, bias and fear when the collective consciousness reaches a blend of feminine and masculine balance.

The Maya salutation "I am another you" signals their non-dual world view, the one that we are evolving towards. The process is both adventurous and treacherous. 

Unwittingly, a nonindigenous prophet, Bernie Sanders, has become a powerful messenger for oneness consciousness prophecied by the Maya and many other original cultures. Bernie speaks of our inter-connectedness, how every individual action affects the others. His campaign lifted masses of individuals to connect with this feeling and comprehend this awareness. He helped Shift them, arguably even more than Obama did.

Additionally, Sanders also prioritizes the issue of human induced climate change, as do the vast majority of scientists who confirm what the Maya Elders have been warning about for decades. Throughout millenia the Maya, like other indigenous people who are intimately connected to the earth, have told creation stories. Their message is clear: that being out of balance with the earth spells doom for our species. They know that we are not the only beings who have lived on this earth. Several other prehistoric versions of humanity have lived and thrived here, then blew it because they did not live in harmony with the earth.  

Yet another important prophecy states that once the people awaken to their own power, peace will prevail on the planet. The famous Hopi proverb "We are the ones we've been waiting for" never rang more true as now. Elections are an event, but revolution will only happen when people take their Stand for evolution. Sander's campaign was like fuel, amplified by the Shift. We've awakened to our power and we will use it for the highest good.



Different from the Long Count calendar that calculates the SHIFT OF THE AGES, we use a different calendar, the Chol'qi or Sacred Calendar, to determine the day-to-day energetic effects on people and events. My website, www.mayancross.com, for example, is based on this wisdom. This calendar is used by Mayan Daykeepers for self-realization, life planning and healing.

You can easily use the calendar to analyze and intuit the energies of each day by clicking on this link: 5.FLINTHere you will see in graphic detail the five key energies that influence 2016 election day, November 8. Persuse the page by rolling and clicking your mouse on the symbols and links. You will begin to get the feel of the archetypal energies that are in flow on this day.

Though the number 5 carries the energy of empowerment (a good thing), it is also an uneven number, which is unsteady, volatile. Be sure to stay grounded and protected on a day like this.

FLINT is a day to ask for purifying and healing. It is one of the more powerful energies in this system, like the spark of insight when a flint is struck. Also thought of as an obsidian stone, the ancient Maya used obsidian as a mirror, reflecting truth to the viewer. It is also used as a knife (pictured left) with a blade sharper than a surgeons scalpel. It is a good day to perform psychic surgery. A good day to rid ourselves of negative energy.  

I'm reading the energy of 2016 election day as auspicious. Though we do not have clear-cut answers to our problems, finally we are empowered and powerful enough to resolve them.



I am another you.