Circles Uniting for the Maya and the World


Per the vision of Tata Pedro Cruz we have been asked, and will oblige, to gather at least every 13 days for fire ceremonies and like-minded circles. 

Tata Pedro Cruz initiated a movement "The Counsel of Walkers for Life, Peace and Unity Around the World" and ha

requested that we all do ceremony at sunset on the 12th and sunrise 13th days of each trecena leading up to the shift to the new era on Dec. 21, 2012. Even it if is just lighting a candle (or 4, one for each direction) and honoring the energy of the departing and incoming day. This is how he does it, living the calendar.

My understanding of the significance of this ritual is that each cycle on the sacred calendar is, of course, intermingled with the cycles that span more time. By honoring the shift at the end of the trecena, we are amplifying the  positive momentum into the new era. Of course, this doesn't happen every day!

Tata has been doing this all around Guatemala, some places in Europe and in the States this year. Now he is back in Guate continuing to walk in peace and be in ceremony every day, as is his usual, but especially at the end of the trecenas.

I'm sure you are aware of the violence that happened during the Kiche protests in Tontocapan on Oct. 5 and as it turned out, he and others did ceremony last night there for 12 T'zi. He is in ceremony today for 13 B'atz.

If you check the dates, here are the ceremonies between now and 12/21/12:

Fri     Oct 12     12.Tzi (Dog

Sat    Oct          13 B'atz (Monkey)

Thurs Oct 25     12.Aqabal (Dawn)

Fri       Oct 26     13 Ka't (Net)

Wed    Nov 7      12 Ajmaq (Wisdom)

Thurs  Nov 8      13 Noj (Knowledge)   especially important because this is the same energy as is on the Haab calendar this solar year 

Tues   Nov 20    12.Toj (Offering)

Wed    Nov 21    13.Tzi (Dog)

Mon    Dec 3      12.Iq (Wind)

Tues   Dec 4      13 Aqabal

Sun    Dec 16     12.Tzikin (Eagle)

Mon   Dec 17     13.Ajmaq (Wisdom)

When Tata was here in Chicago, we were not aware of what was brewing in Guatemala, but just after he left, the news feeds were jolting us even more upright.
Peaceful demonstrations of the Maya in the department of Kiche, Guatemala, were suppressed by their military dictatorship. Maya were hurt and killed as they peacefully protested electricity rate hikes, the school system and other issues.
I and others are sharing their news regularly on the Mayan Cross Facebook page.
Not only this, but the elders are not happy that the government will not open Tikal National Park (Guatemala's crown jewel and Mayan sacred site) to the indigenous nor the public on 12/21/12. The word is that their event in Tikal is an invitation-only affair, more evidence of continued oppression of the Maya. (I do not have a link for this one yet, but have read the tourist board memo.)
So here's my two centavos:
What we know of Mayan history demonstrates that through millenia, human behavior has been affected by the energies reflected in their sophisticated calendars. Knowing this, why wouldn't the contemporary Maya use all of the attention that has been given to December 21, 2012, to influence their own circumstances?
The Maya are in the spotlight and on the threshold of establishing more credibility than has been acknowledged for thousands of years. This time, it is on the world stage. To many of us, they have already earned that respect, and then some.
And a head's up: those that are not experiencing shifts and do not feel the acelleration of time in their own bodies are the same ones who will blame the Maya for being wrong when the world does not come to an end on Dec. 21.
Thanks for your attention and highest intentions for the Maya and the world at this time. We will be using all of our higher mind resources to assist in bringing peace, justice and integrity to the Maya and the world.
on 12.Tzi (Dog) the day of spiritual authority, that of the midwives
Light a candle, be at the fire tonight at sunset.