Tata Pedro Blesses 2 Mayan Altars in Chicago, in Najt



Upon arriving at my home in September, 2012, Tata Pedro Cruz first walked my "land" (lot, actually) gazing around like he was in a place as sacred as the Grand Canyon. His wonder for all things in the natural world enables him to always commune no matter where he is.

He veered towards the fire pit in my back yard and from his pocket, pulled several small blue birthday cake candles and a stick of palo santo.  When he lit them, I could feel the energy lift and purify as he called to the heart of the heavens, heart of the earth, heart of the wind, heart of the water and heart of the fire. This is the Mayan way. Altars are everywhere in nature and a true Aj'qi is always at the ready to give thanks for that. 

Later that day, he asked me what the name of the fire at my place is. I didn't know. He said "Que es el nombre de esta lugar?" which clearly means place in Spanish.

I was puzzled, thinking, did he mean my address, name of my village, street, etc?

He said this is 3.Q'anil, which, as I knew, was the name of the day that day. For a split second my puzzlement continued and then, WHAM, I got it. To an Aj'qi space and time are the same. ¡Al mismo! They call it NAJT**

Mayan fire ceremonies constitute deep, personal work. The intention of Tata Pedro's visits around the world in 2012 is to create a team of guardians and keepers of Mayan-rooted wisdom. Tata infomred us that the fires done here have resulted in the creation of two altars. The Evanston Fire Circle on Sheridan Rd. by the lake is one, named 5.T'zi (Dog). The circle at my home is 3.Q'anil (star/seed).

He instructed that we hold fire ceremonies the 13th day of each trecena cycle for the sacred calendar, and we will. Keep watch on our Events page on this site and the Mayan Cross Facebook page for schedules and details.

As this era cycles to the next, as prophesied we are arriving. 2012 "the year of integrity" has not been for sissies. We will continue to work towards balance, wholeness, more love in our hearts and in the world. We know this takes work, and work we will.

**Mayan Spacetime  NAJT

What Einstein called spacetime the Maya call NAJT. The Maya worldview is that NAJT creates a unique "manifold" of energies. Awareness of this force field is the basis for their fascination with time, calendars, cosmology and culture.

Experiencing NAJT here in the States with Tata was quite the eye-opener. Discord occurred when spacetime and 3D intersected. For example, Shuni and I both experienced car issues; and strangely, Tata's sacred jade necklace broke as we departed the Newberry Library where the Mayan sacred book, the Popul Vuh, is ill-housed. Each of these was a jaw-dropping moment as the intensity of NAJT short-circuited the American grid.