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The Wayeb - Meaning of the Mayan New Year, March 29-April 2, 2015


The Understated Gift of the 2012 Phenomena - New Dawn magazine article

It's 2.Aj (Reed) day, which carries the energy of heart, home, hearth, altar and community. This is a good day to reflect, ground and give thanks for all that keeps us steady and connected.


The Understated Gift of the 2012 Phenomena: the Mayan Sacred Calendar


2012 - The Year of Integrity

It's a 4.Iq / Wind day

...and a perfect day to communicate widely.

We're off and running into 2012, the Year of Integrity. Have you noticed? 

Welcome to the Mayan Cross Blog


It's high time we get this BLOG thing going on. Original content has been cultivating ever since this site went live in the '11 spring, but the steamroller of life stalled progress to this point. Finally, I see an opening, the right helpers appear, and, voila! here we are.

Can't wait to share some of the newest intel, i.e., on Mayan Cross compatibility, what the Elders in Guatemala are up to, my personal path and insights from Mayan Cross readings with others.

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