El Día de los Muertes, 2016 - Maya Prophecies and Current Events


Two Years After, Winter Solstice, 2014

Was there much ado about nothing?

Were the pundits or the Maya wrong or right? 

Is the evolution of consciousness movement being drowned out by the mainstream?

The Virtual Sacred Fire Concordance 2013 Schedule

We have been collaborating with Common Passion to aid the flow of energies as the "Shift of the Ages" film is launched.  We gather in a live tele-webcast format to do an invocation for the day's Nawal, just as the Mayan Daykeeper's have done for millenia.

Participate with us LIVE on your telephone or listen later on the web.


Well-known scientists visit Chicago Dec. 2012 to discuss the Maya

A very robust series of lectures in Chicago from some of the most noteworthy Maya scientists:
November 11, 3:00 PM
Chicago Humanities Festival Lecture
"Lessons From the Ancient Maya"

Circles Uniting for the Maya and the World


Tata Pedro Blesses 2 Mayan Altars in Chicago, in Najt



Upon arriving at my home in September, 2012, Tata Pedro Cruz first walked my "land" (lot, actually) gazing around like he was in a place as sacred as the Grand Canyon. His wonder for all things in the natural world enables him to always commune no matter where he is.

Venus Walks the Face of the Sun, Venus Transit June 5-6, 2012

I received the essay (below) from Carlos Barrios and Adriana Rojas Sunday evening, June 3, 2012, and have lightly edited/translated it. There is important foundational and prophetic information here that needs to be shared widely.

With respect for our Elders past, present and future, as well as the Heart of the Heavens, Heart of the Earth, Heart of the Wind, Water and Fire, let's participate in the meditation and viewing of yet another, celestial dance in the auspicious year 2012. We NEED you, and all that your consciousness has to offer, to assist in the awakening.

April 12-15 teleconference with Mayan elders from Guatemala

Messages from the Heart of the Mayan Lands


Who would have thought?

2012 sees us online and personal with several elders, among them Tata Pedro from Lake Atitlan. This is a fabulous opportunity to link the best of the West, technology, with the best of the ancients, wisdom!


Click here for the details and stay tuned here and on this forum for discussion on these topics.


Compatibility Among Day Signs

It is a 5.Wind/Iq day, a great day to communicate that we have a new page on this site, under the "Interpreting Your Cross" menu. Click here to access the new page  Compatibility.

For milenia, the Maya have used their *astrology to determine compatibility among Day Signs. Partnerships of all kinds can benefit from this wisdom, and the methods for figuring this out are easy and accurate. Keep in mind that the charts, tables and techniques provided on our page are useful tools that apply in life, love and business.

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